Play Therapy Groups

A play therapy group focuses on teamwork and helps with overcoming challenges, builds confidence and empowerment and develops resilience.

Sessions include themes such as: fantasy: enchanted island, science; space etc., and can be linked in with curriculum topics (history, geography, art, etc.). Evidence has shown significant positive changes in children working with their peers, listening, communications and concentration.

Often schools will consider children who show signs of the following for group play therapy: poor social skills, those who have difficult relationships, those not coping with loss, separation or divorce, poor peer skills, shyness, or those finding it hard to adjust to changes.

New and emerging groups of children who have been identified as benefiting from group play therapy range from: home schooled children who are finding it hard to return to school after the lockdown, to those who struggle socially and who who may be struggling to fit into the classroom.

Group sessions can go some way to helping nervous and unsure children interact with peers and can assist them to integrate better into school life and the classroom.

Play Therapy either as a 1:1 intervention or with a group of children (nurture group) is proven therapeutic intervention for children facing a wide range of difficulties.  Sessions can be held inside or outdoors where sessions can be enhanced by natures abundant resources!

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