LandPlay is a type of outdoor adapted play therapy developed by ex teacher, play therapist and Forest school trainer, Kate Macairt (CreativeSpark). It is a safe, therapeutic outdoor space additional to the play therapy room where creativity and connection to nature are at its core. Known for its effectiveness helping children who have been identified as struggling with physical and or emotional difficulties: particularly heightened fear responses and impulse control issues. Outdoor Play Therapy can help to ‘ground’ and balance children who are hyper, and assist those suffering from loss and those adapting to change. Enriched and diverse sensory experiences are essential for healthy brain growth and neural network building. Using a creative and reflective approach allows the child space to explore and embody experiences, strengthen sensory neural networks and promotes curiosity to learn. A positive sense of self can emerge through the nurturing aspects of nature. Tools Nature is a terrific playground! Natural resources, objects such as: wood, seeds, stones, shells, dried plants and flowers, clay, mud, sand and water are used, alongside a small amount of traditional toys, arts and crafts. Contact Sarah at Creative-Me for more information